Fear of Falls Self-Assessment Tool

Use our quick tool to easily assess how concerned you are about the possibility of falling, and learn how you can mitigate your risk.

For each of the following activities, check the statement closest to your own to show how concerned you are that you might fall if you did this activity. Please reply thinking about how you usually do the activity. If you currently don’t do the activity (e.g. if someone does your shopping for you), answer to show whether you think you would be concerned about falling IF you did the activity.

"*" indicates required fields

Cleaning the house (e.g. sweep, vacuum or dust)*
Getting dressed or undressed*
Preparing simple meals*
Taking a bath or shower*
Going to the shop*
Getting in or out of a chair*
Going up or down stairs*
Walking around in the neighbourhood*
Reaching for something above your head or on the ground*
Going to answer the telephone before it stops ringing*
Walking on a slippery surface (e.g. wet or icy)*
Visiting a friend or relative*
Walking in a place with crowds*
Walking on an uneven surface (e.g. rocky ground, poorly maintained pavement)*
Walking up or down a slope*
Going out to a social event (e.g. religious service, family gathering or club meeting)*