SOS GO has been designed for those who want to maintain their independence and participate in activities outside of the home knowing their safety is covered anywhere there is 4G coverage. 

A wearable device with 4G cellular and GPS locating technology, to summon help beyond the boundaries of the home.

  • For when out and about.
  • Immediate connection to a highly trained operator, at the press of a button.
  • Comfortable and discreet design.

how it works

Help 24/7, at the press of a button.


To request help at any time of the day or night, press and hold both buttons to start the alarm sequence.


The light-ring will pulse red to let you know an alert is being sent. A voice message will play, ‘Help alert in progress’, ‘The alert has been received, you will be contacted soon’.


Your call will always be answered by a highly trained operator, who will access your details and speak to you through your wearable pendant. GO will work in the background to obtain and send your location.

Features & Benefits


SOS GO features a unique system check where you can press a single button to hear the battery level, cellular signal strength, and 'check-in' your current location; traffic light colours (green, orange, red) indicate the status of each parameter.


Designed to be taken anywhere, perfect as a wearable or attached to your keys. The GO is IP67 hot water resistant up to 60 degrees.


The SOS GO alarm can be used with fall detection enabled or disabled. When enabled, the GO must be worn as a pendant around the neck for the fall detection algorithm to work as intended. Please note: Although advanced technology is used to detect a fall, there are certain types of falls that are less likely to trigger the automatic fall detection system. Falls that may not be detected include slumping, falling into an object that breaks the fall, or falling from an object that is not average standing height.

Wearing GO with a Pacemaker

If you have a pacemaker you cannot wear SOS GO as a pendant. Instead, attach GO to the supplied split ring, which can be attached to a belt clip or keys. Like a cellular phone, GO must be kept at least 15cm from your pacemaker at all times.

Cost Structure

Peace of mind from $14 per week.

$125 set up fee (once only)

Additional pendant from $1 per week

Keysafe supply and install $95


  • Equipment Use, Provision and Maintenance.
  • No additional phone charges
  • 24/7 Monitoring by Trained Operators.
  • Installation fees may apply. Call us to arrange a quote.

MINIMUM PERIOD – 3 months. The service may be cancelled at any stage after the initial 3 months.

PHONE CALL CHARGES We pay all mobile phone network charges.

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