SOS At-Home

SOS At-Home is a small, easy-to-use personal alarm that can be worn as a pendant or wristband. Continue to live independently, enjoying the feeling of safety and security that the SOS At-Home system offers around the home and garden.

A small, easy to wear personal alarm, designed with safety and comfort in mind.

At the press of a button you will be connected to our 24/7 monitoring team, where our team of professionals will assess the situation and dispatch emergency services if necessary.

  • Provides quick and efficient access to emergency services.
  • Allows individuals to continue living independently in their own home.
  • Offers a sense of security and allows for greater freedom and independence.

how it works

Help 24/7, at the press of a button.


A press of the button activates the base unit to rapidly connect with our 24hr, 7 day monitoring centre. The outer rim of your personal help button will flash red to let you know your call for help is being sent.


You will hear a loud alarm sound from the base unit where the Help button will illuminate red. Voice messages on the base unit will play to let you know the status of your request for help as it progresses.


Your call will always be answered by a highly trained operator, who will access your details and speak to you directly. If you do not respond the operator will call one of your designated contacts, or emergency services such as an ambulance.

Features & Benefits


Advanced technology has been wrapped in a small discreet casing that is hot waterproof, and can be worn in the bath or shower.

Easy to Use

The large 15mm surface area of the button makes it easy to press, and the recess reduces false activations.


The pendant can communicate with the base unit up to a distance of 300m, so even if you are outside of the house at the end of your garden, you can still request help.


You can choose a pendant that has sophisticated fall detection technology to detect a significant fall, subsequent impact, and a period of no movement.


Our trained operators are available to assist you 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Need help on Christmas Day and we are there. Need help at 3am and we are there. Need help on the hottest day of the year or coldest night and we are there.


The SOS 4G Transceiver has 5 year battery life with typical use. Automatic safety checks with the base unit to ensure correct functioning and low battery reporting. When the battery reaches 20% of its capacity a low battery report is generated and we contact you to arrange a replacement.

Wearing SOS AT-Home Pendant with a Pacemaker

If you have a pacemaker you cannot wear SOS At-Home as a pendant around the neck. Instead, it is to be worn as a wrist-watch pendant. Like a cellular phone, the SOS At-Home pendant must be kept at least 15cm from your pacemaker at all times.

Cost Structure

Peace of mind from $14 per week.

$125 set up fee (once only)

Additional pendant from $1 per week

Keysafe supply and install $95


  • Equipment Use, Provision and Maintenance.
  • No additional phone charges
  • 24/7 Monitoring by Trained Operators.
  • Installation fees may apply. Call us to arrange a quote.

MINIMUM PERIOD – 3 months. The service may be cancelled at any stage after the initial 3 months.

PHONE CALL CHARGES We pay all mobile phone network charges.

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